Chaoyang Future School

Chaoyang Future School, Crossboundaries / BIAD International Studio

Chaoyang Future School integrates architectural reuse with pedagogical innovation, adding to the ongoing lifespan of an existing campus and restoring its educational relevance and purpose. Strongly incorporating the use of color throughout the façade, landscape, and interior, the project provides identity and intuitive orientation, and emphasizes flexibility and interconnectedness. 

The renovated facades preserve the rhythm of the original fenestrations, projecting square frames undulate in response to the spatial activities within. Washed in colors inspired by the rich deciduous and evergreen flora of the site, the frames sustain the liveliness of the outdoor spaces and bring them deep into the buildings. Green hues outline the public face of campus, subtly fading yellow before warming to a deep red as they reach the campus center.

Behind each façade, interior spaces use corresponding colors to relay their programmatic identity. The vibrant, red Art Center becomes the gravitational heart of the campus; warm, rich oranges mark the canteen and café; lively yellows gild faculty spaces and bright greens invigorate classrooms. They also help to differentiate the girls' and boys' dormitories in deeper shades of yellow and green, respectively. 

The Learning Center's interventions dissolve the spatial boundaries of the buildings' existing rigid structure, producing collaborate learning spaces bolstered by user-defined furniture. Multifunctional 'islands' and double-height 'bridges ' activity spaces are highlighted with color to stimulate their creative use. Fully integrated into the interior and exterior of each space, the colors of Chaoyang Future school reflect its spirit as a center for holistic, creative, and innovative education.