Changbai 228 Block Urban Renewal

Lacime Architects


Changbai 228 Block Urban Renewal is a mixed-use future project, of which architects hope to make the practical spirit of this land alive, that is, transforming the place with single “living function” into that with “public combined functions”. Built as the solution to living problem of workers in 1950s, “Changbai 228 Block” is a special phenomenon in Shanghai, arranged in a rank pattern according to the collective farm of former Soviet Union. The layout consists of 12 buildings and central courtyard derived from original. 2 buildings in the southwestern corner are preserved and renovated as a history museum while the remaining 10 buildings are rebuilt.

Design team add supermarket, community canteen and children’s theater to address the lack of urban service function, create two axes themed by “culture & history” and “scenario-based business”. Newly-added business space is classified in reconstruction scale, and glass body combined with the roof with metal tiles has the two building covered and connected.

The central square space is preserved and turned into a transparent and memorable place. The children’s theater facing the square is a spiritual construction of the whole site, and partial sinking of the square makes the building an “uplifted” stage. The facade is added with an open installation to offer rich experience. The newly-built rental apartment is placed in the northwestern corner of the site. To balance surroundings, architects create a public square, making buildings an enclosed courtyard. It is a collective residential area in response to densely-populated urban interface.

Architects Team: Liu Xiaoli, Fang Yichen, Shao Shichen, Chen Liangpeng, Cheng Jianxiong, Wang Lixia, Yang Guodong

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