CF Eaton Centre Bridge

WilkinsonEyre with Zeidler


CF Eaton Centre Bridge revitalises a connection between two shopping malls in downtown Toronto. The dynamic sculptural form creates a civic landmark for the City of Toronto, designed to enhance the experience of the urban realm for both passers-by and for the bridge users within. The geometrical form of the bridge twists from a polygon into a four-side configuration as pedestrians pass from one end of the bridge to the other. Lining the outside of the cladding and glass are a series of extruded aluminium profiles which follow the twisting geometry of the bridge as it spans across the street. These profiles contain heat traced cables which help to reduce ice building up and falling off the bridge onto the sidewalk below. The bridge interior presents a high-quality retail environment connecting the two the Eaton Centre and Hudson’s Bay malls. The clear glass of the glazed ribs provides excellent views along Queen Street and ensures the bridge environment is naturally lit throughout the day. The result, a functional and beautiful addition to the public realm, providing a light and spacious crossing between the two buildings.

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