Centre Point Tower

Conran and Partners


Centre Point Tower was designed by George Marsh, Richard Seifert’s partner, in the 1960s, its modern materiality and imposing height represented a new generation of Londoners and the creative energy of the time. Despite its Grade II listed status, the 34-storey office tower sat largely vacant and neglected. Conran and Partners was enlisted to update, convert and reconfigure the Tower for modern day use. Our brief was to reconnect the spirit of the 1960’s with the present day and link the building’s expressive structure with the transformed internal spaces, repurposing it to ensure its viability for future generations. Whilst the concrete frame has been carefully restored, the glazed envelope has been replaced entirely, and whilst it is to the original pattern, it is to modern thermal and acoustic standards. Furthermore, the way the building meets the ground has been fundamentally changed as the project moves away from vehicles towards prioritising people. The car ramp route is now enclosed to form a new ground floor and external staircases have been restored and repositioned to create a cleaner relationship with the street without losing the spirit of the composition. The tower comprises 82 apartments, a dramatic and naturally lit 30-metre swimming pool, gym, spa, private dining room, cinema room and club lounge. Centre Point Tower embodies elevated city living at its most sophisticated, whilst playing a major part in finally reinvigorating a long-undervalued part of our city.

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