Casa Chantre

Ventura + Partners


Curiously located at the opposite end of a street that leads up to a baroque style house by Nicolau Nasoni, Chantre House embodies the revolutionary spirit of Bauhaus, representing the antithesis of baroque: a complete break with the past. With a concrete structure, Chantre has a strong geometric component. The entry point of the house is a circle – around which squares, triangles, straight lines, and acute, right and obtuse angles are articulated – as if it were a patella. The walls are mostly flat, unadorned and white, with the exception of the entrance cylinder, painted in Corbusier blue, which references Kandinsky. The facades have large windows with the purpose of favoring the natural lighting of the spaces, as well as enhancing the synergies between interior and exterior. Serving functional purposes, the house is marked by a multiplicity and fluidity of paths, designed in order to allow several possible appropriations of the house in relation to the complex land and topography. The roof is not forgotten, being harnessed and transformed into a useful terrace, partially landscaped, which promotes moments of leisure and provides the building with a privileged view over the city. The unification of the arts is another of Chantre’s inescapable characteristics, in which architecture and sculpture merge and act as a cohesive and inseparable whole. Modernist, Chantre represents a clear harmony between function, aesthetics and technology.

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