Carlanderska Hospital

White Arkitekter


Carlanderska Hospital is located in a wooded park in the center of Gothenburg. The original buildings are beautifully crafted, consisting of solid brick masonry and dominated by an impressively high tower building. In 1927, when Carlanderska was inaugurated, it consisted of 72 hospital beds and four operating rooms. The development of medical technology along with stricter regulations on buildings, hygiene, and ventilation systems meant that modernization and an extension eventually became necessary. In 2017 a new version of the hospital was ready. The technology-intensive care units had moved from the old buildings to a new facility compliant with today’s stricter requirements on workplace environment and patient safety. The extension features a wider building and greater flexibility. It contains a whole floor that houses technological equipment, supports the operating theatres, radiology, lab, rehab facilities, a sterilization unit together with a public restaurant. In contrast to the massive brick buildings, the new glassed-in connecting walkway over the enclosed garden is light and aery. It rests solely on a pair of thin supports. We have chosen to avoid any direct references to hospitals, in order to create a serene space. In the public areas, the walls are covered with wood panels and the floor is dressed in a warm-toned terrazzo tiles. The ambition for the extension was to be the completing and contemporary piece of the puzzle on site. It has its own character but adapts to the larger pattern. The hospital creates a place for efficient, high-quality care within a healing environment.

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