Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati

Henning Larsen, KZF Design


The design for the Carl H. Lindner College of Business is based on the ambition to create a learning environment which encourages interaction, accommodates future change, and enhances occupants' well-being. The design resonates with and reinforces the University of Cincinnati's masterplan, and aims to reaffirm the campus as an active pedestrian precinct.

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business is designed as a flexible building that can accommodate various pedagogies, increased occupancies, and transition from closed to open offices.
Classrooms will accommodate different kinds of instruction: generous floor areas, height-adjustable furnishings, and audio-visual capacity allow for traditional front-facing lectures as well as group work and activated learning. The auditoria on the ground floor similarly accommodate for different types of pedagogy and program: the flat floor in the lecture hall allows for multiple use and seating configurations, while the tiered platforms and furniture in the auditorium can facilitate traditional lectures and group work simultaneously.

Egress, toilet capacity, MEP systems, partition walls, and façade design are all designed to allow for transitioning much of the closed offices into a more open office environment in the future, which will allow for improved energy savings, increased capacity, and more synergy and interaction. 

The design targets LEED v4 Gold Certification and is designed to reduce the energy consumption by 24% less than a similar standard building (ENERGY STAR Medium Property). The façade design supports the building's energy performance and allows sufficient daylight into both offices and classrooms, contributing to improved well-being and learning abilities. 

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