Carey Baptist Grammar School



In response to the Client's vision for a project of long-lasting significance and impact, the building's design strives for timeless visual and spatial qualities that allow it to sit comfortably in an ever-adapting campus of eclectic architectural styles and forms.

The scheme is premised on three key design elements: the formal determination of the building by its context; a fully developed education plan, and the creation of an architectural framework to support the education plan. 

The Education Design Brief responds to the specific needs of students and their teachers, comprising six interconnected learning precincts, each of which is a physical expression of the subject it hosts.

A large external covered walkway spans the full width of the upper level, providing protection for north-facing glazing, a viewing gallery overlooking sports courts and an avenue that forms part of the primary civic axis through the campus. The walkway terminates in a sculptural staircase, which is bookended on either side by strong concrete elements that rise and turn the corner to transition seamlessly into a marching colonnade that marks the main entry point to the Middle School. Overhead, a large entry canopy completes the formal composition and provides shelter for large outdoor gatherings and social interactions.

The south and west elevations comprise a series of boxes alternately slipped in and out within a fabricated steel frame - a direct manifestation of the internal spatial requirements of the Education Plan and a response to the fine physical grain of the building's suburban context. 

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