Canal Park

Canal Park, 128 architecture & urban design for Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

Mexico city Mayor. Infrastructure Ministry. Water authority. Indi. karisma construction.Ricardo Pérez, Angie Moreno, Fernanda Lozano, Fronda

Canal park Mexico’s city canal infrastructure has an evolution up to pre-Columbian times, which commenced with the Lake and flood control of the ancient city. Today, the past channels turned in highways, sewage or disappeared.

On 2019, the city council initiated a challenging reconversion program focused on the abandoned canals, turned in - terrain vague-, and all the undesirable consequences to the urban fabric like social fragmentation. The program looks forward to increase public space quality which has been proved its successful retributions on life quality.

The empty space filled up with human activity. The New park gross floor is 73,000 square meters (7.3 Ha) on the phase one of development. The spatial ligne de force is the historic unevenness of the canal, and the walled condition, that structured a border felling. This condition used to isolate more than 20 boroughs and almost 100,000 inhabitants.

Today this wall doesn't exist anymore. The environmental restauration is one of the project keys based on the reforestation, the substitution of new soil, and the increase of humidity levels on 16%. The new canopy will shade and. Is expected to mitigate 4ª to 5ª the heat island effect. The new geometry remembers the lineal repetition of the pre-Columbian city broadways and gives rhythm and scale to the gardened slopes that integrates ramps and stairs along the park.