Campus X

Form4 Architecture


An architectural orchestration of public and private spaces, Campus X delivers both the aspiration of timelessness and the fluidity of being 'of the times.' 

The edges of the four mixed-use V-shaped buildings are sculpted to evoke the California cantilevers turned on their sides. The endpoints of each building are canted vertically lower than the taller center which is also slanted outward horizontally, thus accentuating structural drama. Pedestrians perceive this as being wrapped into a world of convex surfaces catching all vanishing points.

Against prevailing practices in Silicon Valley, where campuses are designed to be fortresses of exclusion, Campus X is unusually permeable to a public unconnected to the workforce. Two enormous pedestrian ramps rise on the east side of the site to converge toward its center. They funnel the outside flow of visitors in a setting designed to instill awe while retaining friendliness. This equilibrium is intentional because architecture is presence at the service of communal life. At the ground level, all spaces are activated through a 25' height retail zone filled with cafes, showrooms for products, retail, and amenity.

Whereas on the more private side, the convex nature of them buildings generates a center space of perpetual movement for the corporate office occupants, on the inside of each V-shaped structure is an open inner courtyard filled with amenities: a 2,500-seat Amphitheatre, a Fitness Center, a pool. 

Porous public space that invites occupation is a humane approach to design. On this campus the human and the iconic blend seamlessly.

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