Cal Poly Pomona Student Services Building

Cal Poly Pomona Student Services Building, CO Architects

Nestled into the landscape, the Student Services Building’s large, undulating canopy shelters three floors of student services and administrative departments, providing students, faculty, staff and visitors a memorable experience. The design draws its inspiration from the San Gabriel Mountains and foothills articulated in the building’s shape and the form of its standing-seam aluminum roof, uniting it with the landscape and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices in a dramatic way. The building responds to its topographic and climactic context, campus aspirations for a welcoming place of arrival, and enhanced delivery of services through transparency and administrative collaboration. Its horizontal arrangement maximizes performative, functional and contextual benefits of its horizonal enclosure, its fifth facade. The shaping of the roof creates volume in the upper level, connecting it to the surrounding mountains, while large protrusions provide northern light throughout. The landscape, mounded around the base, anchors the building to the ground. The two-acre curved roof also serves as the passive energy performance driver for the building. The roof’s overhangs shelter the vertical enclosure, acting as a shading device for the glazed exterior walls. The perforated edges of the roof filter sunlight and maximize daylight, but minimize glare. On the ground level, a “street” runs through the building, providing pedestrian access to campus-wide resources. The street is covered by the perforated canopy providing daylight while shielding this campus amenity from direct sunlight. The perforations – combined with the shaping of the street – also facilitate air movement, creating a pleasantly cool exterior space.