Located in one of the most historical province of Thailand, Busaba Ayutthaya is a hotel renovated from an old traditional Thai house aiming to represent "Thainess" in a more modern and more interesting way. The client is the owners of Busaba, Thai 'traditional clothing' inspired brand and Busaba café, which serves 'traditional tastes', and this time they want to expand the business to a new 'traditional living' hotel. It is a challenge that the house was rented under a long term contract requiring the house to be returned to its original state when the contract ends.

One of the characteristic of traditional Thai house is that it is divided into 3 parts, including the leg which is the columns, the body and the roof. The leg parts are basically a multi-functional space under the house created to lift the house up to prevent flooding during rainy season. To keep this uniqueness of Thai house, the columns are offset from the wall on the ground floor, so they can still be seen as the leg part. These columns are connecting to the upper parts that were combined together making a new form of Thai house façade separated from the main structure.

The pattern was inspired by the traditional wall pattern but minimalized, redesigned and rearranged. During the day, shade and shadow from the metal façade that appear on the wall giving the perception of the movement of the time, past and present. The middle roof was rotated to be parallel with the other two roofs creating a clear image of the façade facing the front which become the hotel signature. White is used in overall of the project since white is now commonly used to represent modern, new and timeless.

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