Building A Greenway: Puyangjiang River Corridor



A degraded 10 mile long river corridor, covering an area of 484 acres is ecologically recovered and transformed into a lush and high performing greenway that reconnects human beings with nature. This heals the physical and mental damage done to the local community, who have suffered the degraded environment for decades due to relentless development. 

Pujiang, a city located in East China has a population of 500,000, with the River Puyangjiang runs through. Due to the ruthless and rapid industrialization and urbanization in the past four decades, the Puyangjiang River has been heavily polluted, water courses were channelized, and river beds were turned into sand quarries. 

Three strategies are taken to transform the degraded river corridors. 
Softening and remediating. The design removes the concrete of the river bank, recovers the riparian plains and turns them into Green Sponges, which are flood adaptive, able to catch and remediate the surface flows from the agricultural fields and build areas biologically; 
Preserving and integrating. Existing vegetation along the river is well protected and integrated with the designed vegetation. Cultural heritages and existing structures such as bridges, aqueducts were all well preserved and integrated with the new design.
Connecting and activating. Winding pedestrian and bike paths and boardwalks are built along and across both banks of the river.
As a result, in just three years, the beauty and dignity of the mother river has been restored and has attracted tens of thousands of visitors every day.

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