Brooklyn Health Center

Francis Cauffman


Initially, the client was looking to develop a new Health Center on a proposed site in Downtown Brooklyn. When Francis Cauffman's design team reviewed the site, we saw the potential for so much more. Upon reviewing the site, we immediately understood that we could dramatically expand the square footage by using a Privately owned Public Space (or POPS, in this case a park built for public use and maintained by the owner of the building), which would allow for leasable spaces to defray the cost of the building over time. The Health Center's design was conceived of as a red object encased in glass-the building's beating heart. The building's teardrop-like form takes advantage of the unusually shaped site to create a lively façade that reflects the eclecticism of this culturally diverse neighborhood. The Health Center doesn't have physicians' offices or waiting rooms-all appointments are handled electronically through online scheduling and registration programs that link patient records and medical history with the appropriate treatment programs. Members simply walk into the building, and self-room in their treatment spaces, using Rfid trackers. The Health Center reports that they now see 30% more patients per day than a typical health center. They report that the technology used enables the doctors and medical staff to be much more efficient and, even more importantly, this allows the staff to feel less stressed than ever before, so they can focus more thoroughly on the patient. The typical patient completes their visit within an hour.


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