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Brincante Institute, created in 1992, is a space dedicated to the exploration of Brazilian culture in its most diverse modalities. As well as the regional meaning of the term "brincante" - a type of popular multi-artist of the Brazilian Northeast who sings, dances and plays instruments - the institute proposes to expand the traditional Brazilian artistic make. For this, it offers courses in popular arts that aim at forming interpreters and educators capable of thinking about contemporary society in a new way.

In 2014, the owner of the warehouse where the institute had operated for a decade in Vila Madalena sold it to a construction company without consulting Nobrega e Almeida. With strong ties to the neighborhood, Brincante saw its legacy threatened and about to be evicted. After an arduous legal process, the institute failed to reverse the owner's decision, but saw in this defeat an opportunity to reaffirm its local role, to resist.

A few years earlier, Nobrega and Almeida had acquired two small houses contiguous to the warehouse to eventually expand Brincante. Cynically, the same builder who bought the warehouse made offers to acquire the houses. It was the last straw. To strengthen its commitment to Vila Madalena, Brincante decided to stay and launched the #FicaBrincante campaign to raise funds for a new headquarters in these two areas.

The new Brincante amplifies its participation in the life of Vila Madalena by sewing it spatially and programmatically to its public life in a definitive way through spaces of meeting and its theater-school, which now also accommodate public shows, as well as rehearsals and courses. Attached to a small open square and mezzanine that connect the street to its interior, the theater-school makes Brincante a mark to the resistance amid an environment of aggressive real estate speculation.

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