Boulder house



The Boulder House, located near ‘Seolleung’, the former royal tomb that became a park in Gangnam, Seoul, is surrounded by multi-family houses, making it unsuitable for the single-family house.

On the other hand, the client, famous couple of movie stars, made a very high request for privacy because they have stalking problem from media and fans. In the paradoxical process of designing a home in an area where privacy is very unfavorable for a client whose privacy is very important, the building becomes a very unique feature that is not usually seen. In the course of responding to the context, the client and the architect ultimately wanted to design a house that feels heavy and solid like a boulder.

Unfortunately, unlike a natural boulder, the stones used in buildings are divided and repeated for construction, which distorts the unique pattern and scale of the stones. Just using a stone as an exterior finish doesn't give you the feel of a boulder. By matching the stone pattern and the construction joint in parallel, you can see horizontal layers of different scales depending on how far from you look at the building.

At a close distance, the horizontal pattern of the stones is visible, and at a far distance, the horizontal construction joint looks like a natural pattern of stone, making the building look like a large mass of a boulder.

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