Boat Rooms on the Fuchun River

The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture China Academy of Art Co., Ltd.


Far from the madding crowds and blanketed in nature, the bedrooms of these recently built, secluded retreats are the stuff dreams are made of. Concept and shape of the “Boat Rooms” take root in a local social custom – a water tribe namely “nine fishing families”, had resided at the riverside and created a unique culture of boat-living life between Ming Dynasty and the Qing. Yanzhu Lake is the transition water area of Mountain Spring flowing into Fuchun River, meanwhile River water substitutes it in the dry season. The steady water level becomes a crucial factor for existence of Boat Rooms. Big challenge in the design refers to Boat Rooms’ docking without environmental interruption. Layout drawing of Boat Rooms fully respects the existence of trees. Prefabricated timber structures are assembled on site and the main body of Boat Rooms is supported by steel-pipe piles fixing on the bottom of the Lake, which avoiding of cofferdam construction and disturbing force with water system. Higher elevation makes the rooms ‘floating’ above the lake, displaying a graceful and quick-witted appearance. As special rooms cluster in Fuchun New Century Wonderland Resort, domestic wastewater produced from the Boat Rooms flows into three artificial micro-ecological filters, eliminating sewage discharge to Fuchun River. Design, construction and management of Boat Rooms make non-destructive approaches towards water system and lakeside environ-ment. It verifies the best coordination of functional, ecological and artistic conceptions in five Boat Rooms and will be a sample in bal-ance of architecture construction and water environment protection.

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