Matter Architecture Practice



"Bloomcanopy" is a family of shade structures installed adjacent the Pierce Street market, adding a civic marker to the burgeoning downtown culture of Phoenix. It functions not only as a place to step momentarily out of the blistering heat while in transit, but also as one to pause a while and have a cool drink.

Below the canopy a groundscape includes beds for planting, storm run-off, and integrated ipe hardwood benches. In collaboration with landscape architects Gavan & Barker, we extended the formal language of the canopy to the paving pattern on the sidewalk below, producing a comprehensive spacial experience. 

Our desire was for sustained vibrancy in a cityscape bleached varying shades of ochre and beige-not unlike a delicate yet tenacious bloom that finds a fissure in the sidewalk out of which to grow. Custom glazed architectural ceramic 'baguettes', with proven durability under the sun, are beaded into prefabricated powder-coated steel structures. Each canopy contains a different combination of two contrasting colors, chosen to stimulate mirage like vibrations within the eye.

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