Bex & Arts

Montalba Architects


As part of the annual Bex & Arts sculpture triennial, the visitors pavilion is a temporary structure designed as a working fabrication studio, exhibition space, and information center for the event. It hosts FabLab, a small-scale workshop open to the public for rapid prototyping, and exhibits models of the works realized by the invited artists. The design of the pavilion addresses the problem of temporary architecture, utilizing a structural system that minimally impacts the site and can be completely disassembled, moved and reused elsewhere without wasting material. The building components took about ten days to fabricate and only five days to assemble on site. 

The small structure is roughly 40 square meters. It's impermanence, transportability and reusability is made possible by a system of lightweight structural wood panels that make up the floor and open shelving, which acts as the vertical structure that supports the roof. Perforated vertical panels attach directly to the frame to create the permeable façade, which filters light and enhances the interior spatial quality of the pavilion. The foundation is minimal in order to limit the impact of construction on the ground. Local materials and construction methods drove the detailing and design resolutions. 

At Bex & Arts, the pavilion offers visitors the resources and information necessary to discover the artists and their work. This, coupled with the FabLab component, creates a place of exchange and sharing of technology - a project at the crossroads of art, architecture and new technologies. This spirit of openness and knowledge sharing creates an environment where curious and inventive visitors can interact. Thus, it became important that the pavilion not only serve this purpose temporarily at Bex & Arts, but that after the Triennial's conclusion, it could be transported to pop-up in other parts of the city. 

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