Bernardo Quinzaños Oria, Ignacio Urquiza Seoane

CCA | Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica


In 2008, is founded Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica by the architects Bernardo Quinzaños and Ignacio Urquiza. During these early years their principles and philosophy would be forged.

His first big project was to design a beach house, in which they invested their fees to thoroughly investigate the Mexican Pacific architecture, but the lack of information led them to search for solutions through the empirical experience of local inhabitants and craftsmen. The experience was so enriching and the lesson was clear, the combination of architectural rigor with empirical experience and the accumulation and transmission of knowledge in a collaborative way are key requirements to support the development of a country as diverse as Mexico.
During the following years, they developed many projects, incorporating various specialist collaborators, thus giving birth to the name and concept, CCA, an organization dedicated to the research, conceptualization and development of architectural and urban projects. The interdisciplinary structure of CCA allows to promote the knowledge, talent and creativity of its collaborators to generate ideas that maximize the potential of each project through an inclusive work system.

With less than 35 years of age, Bernardo Quinzaños and Ignacio Urquiza, have developed more than 180 architectural projects of different scales and programs.

The congruence of their projects relies in their content. There are no parameters or pre-established criteria during the act of creating, but the design is a direct consequence of having mitigated all the needs of the program.

CCA understands that architecture is a historical exercise, which depends on technological knowledge and the resources available to solve complex problems of society.

In this sense, architecture is seen as a tool for change. The main desire of its members is not only to act as architects of the city, but to participate in the construction of a better future.

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