Belfast Waterside

Henning Larsen


The 16-acre masterplan is set to revive Belfast, inviting people to repopulate the city, connecting it across the river. Belfast Waterside will fully activate the potential of the River Lagan.

Henning Larsen brings a Nordic understanding of outdoor living to Belfast. From Copenhagen, we know that harbors have an enormous potential to activate public life in a city. The masterplan will create the framework for people to feel part of a shared public life. River Lagan will no longer create a barrier in Belfast but is going to connect it instead. 

Belfast Waterside emerges as a highly successful mixed-use regeneration scheme, including offices, a hotel, serviced apartments, residential units for sale and rent, affordable, social housing, significant retail and leisure spaces, and a new pedestrian and cycle bridge.

The terraced stone landscape of the Giant's Causeway was a general source of inspiration for the new evelopment, from the stepped massing of the buildings, the layout of the terraced landscape areas, to the use of stone and geometric patterns in outdoor surfaces and pavements. 

Analyzing the thermal microclimate, we have applied an effective scale-gradient strategy to the project. Instead of winds being guided through the streets, the strategy of placing the lower buildings towards the waterfront guides winds over the buildings. Our studies show that this approach will reduce wind speeds significantly, prolonging the comfortable outdoor season from 9 weeks up to 25 weeks. 

Construction begins in the summer of 2018. Planned for completion by the summer of 2022. 

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