Bavnehøj Youth House

WE architecture


Using wood in an innovative and expressive way, Bavnehøj Allé seeks new and ambitious standards within affordable timber housing. Bavnehøj Allé consists of 40 one-room apartments on 38-45 m2, with an impressive ceiling height of 3 meters. All apartments are accompanied with either a generous balcony or terrace. The apartments are detailed with honest materials such as natural wood and raw concrete (load bearing construction). The building is a simple composition of two diagonal blocks connected by a centrally located gallery on all floors. Through custom-made balcony cassettes using sustainable Accoya wood lamellas in a unique patchwork pattern, the façade contributes to a distinct, vivid and warm expression, while adding a semi-transparent extension of the apartments that embrace privacy as well as providing an active, living facade. Altogether this creates a poetic expression that defines Bavnehøj Allé as a local and architectural landmark while heightening the standard within affordable timber housing. Accoya® is a sustainably sourced, CO2 neutral and 100 per cent recycle friendly wood as well as FSC®, Cradle to Cradle Gold certified holding the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Accoya is modified Radiata Pine that has been throughout modification by natural acid (acetylation) which makes the wood exceptional resistant against rot and fungi – without use of chemicals. The wood is light, stable and has an excellent machinability as well as being UV resistant. The wood holds a Class 1 in durability and comes with a warranty of 50 years above ground.

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