Baoshan Beibeijia Olion Kindergarten

Baoshan Beibeijia Olion Kindergarten, Atelier Archmixing

Structural: Shanghai Wildness Structural Des. Firm Inc. (General Partnership) Engineer: MAA Engineering Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Constructor: Shanghai W

Olion Kindergarten is renovated from a disused community service center on Baoju Rd., Baoshan district, Shanghai. The design aims to change this banal structure with a series of adjustments and create a brand new building by exploring its unknown potential. It was very difficult to develop spaces on a plan due to the floor area restriction in the original building.

Therefore, we have decided to try another way - shifting the focus from plan to section. We have designed a suspended ceiling with interior “skylight” through hollowing part of the suspended ceiling and extending it to the upper floor. The whole ceiling is enclosed with light-wells or transparent materials, resulting in a space with a full story height under the ceiling.

Considering construction standards, the clear height of the suspended ceiling is designed 2.25 m. People might feel depressed in such a construction site with dim light and messy keel. However, when the suspended ceilings are completed and painted, the whole space looks so bright and clear. From what we have experienced in this project, we may finally draw the conclusion that as a spatial environment, light and texture are factors which may have direct impact on architectural scale. This is what architectural photography won’t tell us.