Bambey University



In Senegal, shade and water are everything. This project, a close relative of another in Gaston Berger, San Luis, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Education and the World Bank, aims to respond to this context as a perfect machine, beautiful in its efficiency and without an engine.
We developed the project from its cross-section, providing the building with a large double roof and a great lattice on the south façade, an L-shaped shield laying on its back, which avoids direct solar radiation but is permeable to air. This shield creates a Venturi effect generating a constant air flow between the building envelope and the lecture rooms, reducing the interior temperature by 10-15 ºC degrees, a change from the outside 40-45 ºC. 
The building is simple in its construction, appropriate to the possibilities of the place: concrete blocks built on site covered with mortar and steel latticework; repetitive, with only one type of window; long, creating a visual reference and hand-crafted - the manufacturing of the 20,000 blocks of the lattice gave employment to more than a hundred workers of Bambey for 6 months.
To solve the lack of sewage and rainwater networks problem, we incorporated infiltration rafts with vegetation that collect rainwater, as a natural meander that is integrated into the landscape, favouring the natural development conditions of native vegetation. A purification system by means of activated sludge allows the purification of waste waters, which, once purified, are discharged to the same rafts.

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