Avon River Park Terraces + City Promenade

Avon River Park Terraces + City Promenade, LandLAB

The project enhances access to the water and brings the spirit and ecology of the river (fluid) into a dialogue with the city (grid). The new promenade layers and thickens the edge of the city to catalyse new opportunities for access and occupation. LandLAB have led the design for the Terraces river edge precinct - located at the epicentre of Christchurch's city centre revitalisation - which transforms Oxford Terrace from a conventional street into a shared use zone prioritising pedestrian access, occupation and the integration of a new tram circuit. This new promenade and city edge condition provides the catalyst for Christchurch to turn and face the river and the key connecting element for the Avon River Park's sequence of public realm experiences. A series of terraced river edge structures celebrate the interaction of city and river and enable new engagements with the Avon - Ōtākaro for gathering, recreation and events. The heritage-listed Bridge of Remembrance and adjacent Park of Remembrance are refurbished and reworked to establish a cohesive rivers edge destination that reveals and celebrates an existing network of heritage listed monuments and landmarks. The project incorporates a new low impact design strategy that treats promenade run-off prior to discharging this into the Avon as well as the ecological enhancement of the river corridor. LandLAB have provided the overall urban and landscape design leadership. Mana whenua collaboration and community engagement. Bespoke design elements and features. LID, Shared Space and open space design.