Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square

Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square, Ennead Architects

Located in a bustling shopping square in Scottsdale, Arizona, this transparent, human-scaled massing of retail space provides a welcoming contrast to the surrounding two-story volumes. The form of the building reduces the existing overall scale along North Scottsdale Road while also introducing a unique threshold experience into the mall. The main design features of the store include a split-level store layout, a terraced public plaza, and a heroic cantilevered shade trellis. Unifying the building massing and providing for a unique architectural feature, the perforated horizontal trellis extends from the store’s interior to cover the exterior walk and southern public plaza. Furthermore, material consistency spanning between the interior and exterior of the design emphasizes the blurring of the boundary between the interior retail experience and exterior public outdoor spaces transcending the function of the space beyond its primary use.