Air Garden

Sapporo, Japan / Ryo Yamada


This piece of art is a passage. It is not the typical passage defined as “a path connecting one point to another” because it does not lead to a tangible destination.

It is part of the Sapporo International Art Festival exhibition titled Sprouting Garden. The origin of the word “Garden” refers to an “enclosed or protected land”. In old times, a garden was built to protect the lord's property and keep intruders from entering. My vision of this piece was to create it from the origin of the word “Garden” and connect the people with a passage of the garden to the infinite openness of the air.

Air Garden is wide enough to allow only one person to walk along the passage. The material is recycled wood & plywood. Total length is 15.0m, Width is 0.6m, Height is 4.2m. This piece of art allows visitors to monopolize, feel and taste the openness of the fresh air.

Only air is equally available to people anywhere in the world, and I believe it is a symbol of equality without boundaries.

This piece of art represents a wish we all have in common that is invisible = a passage that leads us closer to air, which is the symbol of equality and borderlessness.

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