AC Nomad Modular Hotel

AC Nomad Modular Hotel, Danny Forster & Architecture

The AC by Marriott at 842 6th Avenue, New York City, will be the tallest modular hotel in the world when it opens in early 2020. But it won’t just be a step up for modular design, it will be a step forward. Our design leverages the advantages of modular construction, using cutting-edge proprietary technology to address potential drawbacks. Every single room will be factory-built to precise specifications and shipped complete down to the light switches, enabling construction at a rate of a floor per day. What we gain in efficiency and in quality, we refuse to lose in aesthetics. We don’t settle for the heavy, stacked-box look of the typical modular building. Our arresting facade design uses gradations in light and texture to transcend modularity, resulting in a 30-story tower that is stylish and architecturally expressive. We situate this modular tower atop a cast-in-place podium, with the understanding that site-built construction better accommodates the arresting, one-of-a-kind amenity spaces located there. The perfect marriage of modular construction and inventive architectural design, this Manhattan AC points the way to a future in which modular building is not simply the sum of its factory-made parts.