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40-Baagh is a residential development project in the northern part of city of Tehran, one of the greenest districts of the city, having visual access to the few remaining inner-city gardens.

The architectural design of the project was commissioned as a total makeover of an already existing 16-story structure. 

In reviewing the existing context of the project, a series of structural modifications as well as architectural interventions were proposed:

The residential tower typology is very much informed by the logic of operation within the real-estate market of contemporary cities. 

Due to the fact that at the moment of design conception the actual users of the spaces are unknown, such projects are designed based on certain pre-conceptions regarding the seemingly "normal", and "standardized" life style. 

40-Baagh is an exercise in challenging such preconceptions about urban life style of prospective residents of a residential tower in city of Tehran. An existing structure, is radically modified to provide the platform for a new residential tower typology. 

In contrast to the normalized variations of residential towers in the city of Tehran, where the volume is the result of mere stacking of units with balconies that have similar floor plans, the project is the result of aggregation of multiplicity of unit typologies that all are variations of a "House-in-the-Air" architectural genome. 

The aforementioned "genome," is the result of a conceptual marriage between the apartment unit type and the house-with-front-yard type, both valid architectural typologies in city of Tehran. The resulting hybrid type of House-in-the-Air, allows for individual access to the interior domestic spaces from an elevated private garden. 


Architectural Design: [Shift] Process Practice
Structural Engineering: Tarh-E-Asayesh Pars Co.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: Azmayesh and Associates Co.

Client: Taraz Pey Riz Co.
Project Management: Andishgaran Co.
Branding and Market Studies: NEXA


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