The WAN Sustainable Buildings Award promotes and rewards design teams who have used a holistic approach throughout the design process to create buildings that are resource-efficient and ecologically sound.

Judging the entries will be some of the industry’s most respected eco-experts from the architectural and design world. Award success will give your project extensive online exposure to the biggest players in the architectural community and showcase your firm as an industry leader within sustainable design.

Judging Criteria

The jury will be looking for projects where the architects have holistically embraced sustainability without compromising the usual qualities found in good design: originality, innovation, form and dialogue with context.

The jury will also take into account whether;

  • The building has achieved a high level of recognised accreditation in the relevant country
  • The architect through the design, has pushed the accepted boundaries for the particular building typology
  • The design has utilised a sustainable design process at every stage: inception/completion/occupation
  • The architect can demonstrate that the selection process for the materials used on the project had been the subject of an in-house sustainability review. eg. sourced from local produce, renewable materials, manufactured off site or produced from a low carbon manufacturing process.


The competition is open to all projects built during the last three full calendar years, on or after 01 January 2015.

Entry Fees

  • £375 +VAT (Early bird - valid before 30 March)
  • £425 +VAT (Standard - valid between 30 March - 12 June)

Winner 2017: Oslo Airport, Nordic - Office of Architecture assisted by NSW architects

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