Regional Awards

The global reach of the WAN Awards is something we are very proud of and is one of the core elements to the success of the Awards over the last decade.

Marking the WAN Awards 10 Year anniversary, we are delighted to announce that we are introducing Best in Region Awards for three world regions: EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

How does it work? The good news is that there is no extra work for you, in fact our new online entry system is even easier to use than before. Our regional judges will simply assess entries against others in the same region in a parallel process. All entries will be judged in the normal way against other projects in the same category.

In summary, your WAN Awards entry gets even more chance of winning with no downside. This new approach is something we aim to develop further and hope that our regional winners will appreciate the accolade and the extra exposure they will receive from it. 

Copenhagen International School

EMEA Regional Winner: Education

Bahá’í Temple of South America

Americas Regional Winner: Civic

Washington Fruit & Produce Co

Americas Regional Winner: Commercial

West Village

Asia Pacific Regional Winner: Civic Buildings

Superlofts Houthaven

EMEA Regional Winner: Civic Buildings

Garden Village

Americas Regional Winner: Residential

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